Integrate with your favorite web analytics solution

Data integration as a basic feature

Mayankho believes that integrating your data is key to gaining useful insight. Collecting your customer feedback data with your favorite web analytics solution is one of the fundamental differences Mayankho is trying to make for you. We will not collect the data for you and build another data silo.

Most customer feedback or personalization solutions will offer you fancy dashboards for their data. We won’t. We will offer you a fully integrated solution that will never interrupt you usual workflow. Login to your web analytics platform and gain insight in your customer feedback data or popin activities, right in your favorite reports.

Supported technologies

We currently support full integration with these popular technologies and we plan to add more in the near future. Email us your favorite to jump the line.


Google Universal Analytics


Google Tag Manager



Google Universal Analytics integration

Easily the most popular web analytics solution, Mayankho sends the responses of the customer feedback surveys and interactions with other popins straight into you Google Universal Analytics account.

We also provide templates for analyzing your data. In our blog we offer tips and tricks to leverage the data for optimization purposes.

Would you like to learn more about the technical details of the integration? Learn more here.


Google Tag Manager integration

Our Google Tag Manager integration allows you to easily send responses of your surveys or interactions of your popins to any tool you have setup through Google Tag Manager. Mayankho populated the macros for you and you can add the data to your favorite online marketing or web analytics solution.

You can add your Mayankho project to your website by simply adding the code snippet to your GTM tags. Mayankho will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Learn more about the technical implementation of Mayankho through GTM here.

Tealium integration

Tealium is one of the most popular enterprise Tag Management Systems available. Simply add the Mayankho code snippet to the Tealium IQ as an extension and the popin will run perfectly.

Just like with our other tag management integrations, use Tealium to send data from your Mayankho project to any marketing or web analytics tag you have implemented in your Tealium IQ.

Would you like to learn more about the technical details of the integration? Learn more here.


TIP! CMS integrations also availalble

If you are not using one of our supported Tag Management Systems, consider using our CMS integrations instead. They are easy to use, because we have built custom extensions for you to make the implementation of your Mayankho projects on your website super-easy.

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