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An easy implementation is a must

Running a Mayankho project on your website is easy from idea all the way to implementation. For an easy implementation on your website, we offer several easy-to-use integrations. You can choose to implement Mayankho projects with a tag management system, paste the Mayankho code directly into your source code or use our Mayankho-built CMS plugins or extensions.

Supported Content Management Systems

We currently support full integration with these popular platforms and we plan to add more in the near future. Email us your favorite to jump the line.





Joomla interface

Joomla integration

We are delighted to share our native Joomla plugin for Mayankho with you. This plugin will allow you to easily add the Mayankho code from your projects to any Joomla! website (version 2.5 and higher).

How it works
Simply install the plugin through your Joomla website admin and paste the code in the field provided in the extension (detailed documentation).

Learn more about using Mayankho for your Joomla website.

WordPress integration

WordPress is the most popular content management system available. Simply add the Mayankho code snippet in our Mayankho plugin for WordPress, enable it and the popin will run perfectly.

Just like with our Joomla integration, use our WordPress plugin to add the tracking code to your website and collect customer feedback in your favorite webanalytics solution.

Would you like to learn more about the technical details of the integration? Learn more here.


TIP! Tag Management Solutions for integrations

If you are not using one of our supported Content Management Systems, consider using our Tag Management Solution integrations instead. They are easy to use and give you great possiblities for data integration.

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