Console messages and other technical issues

Mayankho is a pretty sophisticated, technical product. We try to make it work with every type of website, but under exceptional circumstances stuff may not work the way it is supposed to. That’s why we have documented all the issues that may occur, so you can try to solve them yourself, or give us specifc directions to the issue you are dealing with.

No jQuery.Ui.Dialog. Including..

In order for Mayankho to run projects, jQuery.Dialog needs to be enabled on your website. Mayankho first makes sure you don’t have this running on your website yourself. If this is not the case, we will include it. That’s when the message is shown in the console.

Mayankho: Track Object not found.

This console message means you have selected an integration (ie Google Universal Analytics), but the trackingcode of the integration is not show on the page. There are two solutions:

  1. Disable the tracking solution from your survey, so the issue doesn’t occur
  2. Add the trackingcode of the tracker you have selected to the page where you run the project