Design for a great response rate

We believe that the design of your website is important. When Mayankho projects become a part of your website design, we want to make sure blend in perfectly. We have built Mayankho with this in mind, offering you some beautifully designed templates to use immediately, but also give you 100% control of the design yourself.

We will never force any type of Mayankho branding on your website (unless you design it yourself). Integrated design for great results of your Mayankho projects is our priority.


Customize your design

If you would prefer to change the design of our templates to suit your website design, this is also possible. You have complete access to the css if you would like to make modification to the design.

You can also save your own custom design, so it is available to you when you start your next Mayankho project.


Preview your new design

When you are developing a new popin in Mayankho, you will always have a preview of your popin available on the right-hand side of your setup. It will update itself whenever you make changes to the configuration of your project.

So whenever you make changes to your design, you can see the result instantaneously, without having to publish it to your website.

Internet Explorer

Supported Browsers

We have developed many clean and beautiful popin templates for you to choose from. To make sure your Mayankho projects are successful, we have tested these templates in all of the most popular browsers. They scale beautifully and offer you excellent performance to get the best result from your Mayankho project.

Inspiration from a few beautiful Mayankho projects