Loadrules determine under which conditions your Mayankho project will run. This means that if the conditions or loadrules you set in Mayankho are not met during the visit of your website user, the project will not show. You will be able to run your Mayankho project based on some very complex logic to fit your website visitor behaviour. Just to make sure you offer him the right message at exactly the right time.

In order to make this possible, we have built many types of variables for you to base your logic on.

Basic variables

Open popin automatically

If no other conditions are set, the popin will open everytime the website is visited by a user, as soon as he/she lands on your website.

Open popin on attempt to leave

This loadrule allows you to show a project when the visitor leaves the website by moving the mouse cursor our of the “viewport” or page, going to the taskbar. This loadrule is often used for exit surveys or last minute deals.

Open popin after x milliseconds of inactivity

When a user is not scrolling or clicking for a certain amount of time, a popin will be shown. Great for getting users who seem to be considering a purchase an extra nudge.

Open popin after page is read

You can show a popin as soon as the users reaches the bottom of the page or has a certain element (determind by class or id) of the page in view (like the footer). Often used to trigger a newsletter invite after a full article is read.

Show popin randomly on a percentage of all your visitors

In case you don’t want a popin to show for 100% of your users, but just a certain randomly selected percentage of users, this loadrule can help you out. Great if you only need a certain amount of survey responses each day.

Show popin based on amount of pageviews

This loadrule allows you to trigger a Mayankho project only after a certain amount of pages have been visited. It is often used when you only want to make an offer to an engaged visitor.

Setting up a basic loadrule in Mayankho

Advanced variables

Cookie variables

The cookie variable allows you to trigger a Mayankho project when a cookie contains a certain value. This is very useful if you want to run a project only for logged in users or any other cookie value that is set by your website or partners.

Page title (document title)

With this variable you can check the page title and run a Mayankho project based on the variable.

Domain name

The domain name variable is useful if you have Mayankho running on multiple domains or a multi domain website. The domain variable is also useful when you have subdomains and want to run the Maynakho project only on a specific (set of) subdomains.

Global javascript variable

A global javascript variable is a javascrpt variable show in the sourcecode. This can be used to trigger a Mayanknho project only when a global javascript variable contains a specific value.


The pathname is everything after the domain name, excluding hashed variables. In this example http://www.domainname.com/en/home, /en/home is the pathname. This variable can be used to target specific pages on a domain.


This variable gives you the URL where the visitor came from to enter the current page. You can use this on your landingpage to show an offer specifically targeting a type of user based where visitors come from (i.e. only Google visitors).

Building complex loadrules

All of these variables can be used to determine when the project needs to open show on the website. You can also combine multiple variables for a more complex logic. This can be done by using our Loadrule builder. You can use “OR” and “AND” statements to make combinations between variables in your loadrule.

Building complex logic in Mayankho

Building complex logic in Mayankho

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