You can choose several ways to implement your Mayankho project on your website. The functionalities of the popin will not be affected by the implementation method you decide to use. It really just depends on your situation and the tools you have available on your website which option would work best for you. We currently offer the following integrations:

All of the above options will add the project code to the source code of your website, either with an easy plugin or just by copy/pasting the code into the source code yourself.

We also provide the option to implement our project by using a tag management system (TMS). We currently support the following tag management systems:

A TMS will allow you to be more flexible with the implementation of the Mayankho project code. Unlike by pasting the code into your website’s template, a TMS will give you the option to trigger the project code only on pages where you want to fire it. It will also allow you to run your Mayankho project code on a staging environment to test it, before running it on your production website. This means there is less risk for errors in the survey or the loadrules you are running the Mayankho project on.

Please select the tagging method of your preference to learn more.

Any other questions?

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any other questions.
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