These are the steps to run a Mayankho exit survey with Google Tagmanager:

  1. Login to the Mayankho console to develop an exit survey or custom popin
  2. Make sure to select the option “Google Tagmanager” in your configuration
  3. In the final step of your Mayanhkho project copy the first piece of the code
  4. Go to your Google Tagmanager account and create a Custom HTML tag
  5. Paste the first part of the Mayankho project code in the Custom HTML tag
  6. Repeat the last two steps again, just make sure to paste the second piece of code into your second Custom HTML tag
  7. You can run the custom HTML tags on trigger “all pages” or define a different trigger on which to trigger the code. Keep in mind that you may have a loadrule configured in your Mayankho project.
  8. Publish the new tag version of in your Google Tagmanager environment
  9. The Mayankho popin will now run on your website

Any other questions?

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any other questions.
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