9 Easy steps to run your first Mayankho project


Step 1 – Sign up for Mayankho

The first step to running successful surveys and other types of popins is signing up for Mayankho. With our easy to use system it will be a matter of minutes to setup your own Mayankho account.

We offer several subscriptions to suit your needs.

Learn more about our subscriptions or sign up now.

Step 2 – Set up your account preferences

In your account settins you will share some of the basic settings you will use across multiple projects. Here you will determine:

    What webanalytics solution you wish to use to collect the survey and general popin data data
    If you wish to implement the code through a Tag Management System or directly into your source code
    On what domain your popin is going to run
Learn more about the way Mayankho helps you track your popins and which webanalytics solutions and tag management systems we support.


Step 3 – Give your project a name

This is probably the easiest step during the setup of a project. Give your project a descriptive name. The project will be stored under this name for you to easily retrace it, in case you want to duplicate it or optimize it further.

Step 4 – Select the type of project

This is where the fun really starts. We offer you three types of projects:

    Custom HTML content

Your project type will determine what type of content you will run in your popin.
Select the type of project you wish to run.

Learn more about the different types of Mayankho projects.


Step 5 – Select the loadrules for your project

Your popin logic is based on loadrules. The loadrules determine when your popin will show. We have many different variables for you to choose from:

    Cookie value
    Javascript variable
    Many, many more…

In addition to data available on the page, you can also set the frequency of the popin per visit/ visitor and show the popin based on a percentage of visits. This gives you ultimate flexibility for your loadrules.

Learn more about the loadrules and variables you can use to trigger popins.

Step 6 – Add the questions to your survey or add the iframe url

This is when you are going to add content to the popin. You will either add custom HTML content, an iframe or survey questions to the popin. There are many different types of survey questions you can select:


Learn more about the type of content you can add to the popin.


Step 7 – Update the styling and colors of your project

The design of your website is important and Mayankho projects will become a part of that design. That’s why we have made an effort to optimize the design process and give you 100% of your project design. You can alse use some of our beautifully designed templates to get started with your projects.

Learn more about the design features of Mayanhko.

Step 8 – Test the result of your project

Every single step of the wizard will show you the current status of your popin. It will show you exactly what your popin will look like and what the content of it is. We want to make sure you know exactly what the result of your work is. Make sure to test the popin before running it on your website.


Step 9 – Generate the code and add it to your website

All that is left to do is generate the code to copy/paste into your tag management system or the sourcecode of your website. With the push of a button we will give you the fully optimized code for your popin. The code will run independently of our servers, so there is no risk of performance and loading time issues.

Learn more about the tracking code we create for you and how you can add it to your website.

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