Mayankho released at Measurecamp 6

Mayankho released at Measurecamp 6

We love Measurecamp. Measurecamp in London has been held for the 6th time and we have been to several of them.
MeasureCamp is an open, free-to-attend unconference, different to any other web analytics conference held around the world. You can run your own discussions, share your views by sharing a presentation or just share your thoughts over a cold beverage. It’s random, it’s fun, it’s educational. It’s the perfect moment to release Mayankho to a small group of webanalytics professionals. So that’s what we did.


Tuncay and I decided to give people a sneak preview of Mayankho in one of the morning sessions of Measurecamp 6 in the boardroom style room Ensighten. Perfect for some lively discussion and honest feedback of our progress. We were thrilled with the packed room, filled with curious digital analysts and friends. Eventhough the TV screen for our slides didn’t work, the concept of Mayankho seemed to catch on we received some great feedback to keep us moving towards the right direction. Several members of the discussion came back to us afterwards, delighted about what we are building and being happy to try Mayankho as one of the first users.

If you are interested in using Mayankho, please sign up for our private invitation list. We are still looking for some candidates to try Mayankho.

For those who weren’t able to join us during this session, we are happy to share the slides with you as well and we would love your feedback on our work.